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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Financial decisions you make during the divorce process will affect the rest of your life. If you are considering divorce, or already in the process, don’t leave your financial future to chance.

Senior Wealth Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Mark Dickerson, ChFC®, CFP®, CDFA®, can work with you to help give you confidence and peace of mind as you transition to your new life by:

  • Recognizing tax issues and helping you develop solutions
  • Understanding the value of retirement accounts and pensions
  • Helping you distinguish between your personal property and the marital property
  • Outlining the financial aspects of deciding to keep your home or sell it
  • Helping you understand complex financial holdings, and the best way to divide them
  • Ensuring that you understand the long-term impacts of your financial settlement
  • Developing a long-term financial plan

Advantages Include:

  • Receiving financial advice tailored to your specific situation
  • Learning how to avoid common mistakes that could impact your financial well-being for a lifetime
  • Assistance in completing your financial affidavit
  • Gaining the knowledge you need to simplify complex financial information so you can make better-informed decisions
  • Giving you peace of mind and assurance that your settlement is reasonable

To learn more, visit www.ruggiewealthmgt.com today or call Mark at 352.343.2700.

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