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Personalized Plans

Individual components of our wealth management approach come together through a comprehensive suite of services. Our analysis of your retirement intentions, employee benefits, and estate plan establishes a foundation for personalized asset allocation recommendations, as well as specific investment strategies. We work to optimize your plan in an effort to minimize your fees, decrease your tax exposure, ensure readiness for important milestones including education funding, mitigate insurable risks, and maximize the impact of charitable gifts.


Retirement Analysis

circleWe develop personalized projections based on conservative assumptions, creating a realistic path to your goals. By analyzing multiple scenarios, we estimate potential outcomes and make informed decisions regarding the most appropriate solutions. We monitor your investments and communicate where you are in meeting your goals on an ongoing basis.

Our innovative Ruggie Method Distribution Strategy replaces conventional evaluation processes which determine how and when an individual’s retirement savings should be distributed, with a new statistical method. This Ruggie Method Distribution Strategy is also ideal for helping foundations determine the optimum annual distribution of their portfolio balances.


Employee Benefits Analysis

We work to help you understand the value of the employee benefits which are afforded to you and to develop ways to maximize and integrate them into your overall financial plan. Our analysis and recommendations cover stock option exercise strategies, investment options and allocations, and compensation elections, among others.


Asset Allocation

By developing an understanding of your financial picture, we select a combination of investments well suited to your long-term goals, income expectations, and risk tolerance. We view this process as an ongoing endeavor which maintains alignment between strategy and execution and helps to safeguard you from common investment mistakes.


Tax Planning

Our advisors provide guidance about strategies that could impact your tax situation. We collaborate with you and your tax advisor to make sure we are all working toward common goals.


Estate Planning & Philanthropy

Creating an estate plan as part of your comprehensive financial strategy can be one of the most effective ways of lowering estate taxes, while providing for your family and leaving a legacy for the future. As your estate planning partner, Ruggie Wealth Management may:

  • Coordinate with your attorney and CPA to implement your estate plan from beginning to end
  • Retitle assets to reduce or eliminate estate taxes or avoid probate
  • Conduct routinely scheduled planning reviews
  • Review and coordinate your philanthropic/charitable contributions

Education Funding

We understand the importance of saving to meet your goals for financing your children’s or grandchildren’s education. Tom Ruggie was appointed by the Governor to the Florida Prepaid College Plan which manages more than $10 billion in assets and serves over 80,000 college students annually, and served as its vice-chairman until 2013.   

At Ruggie Wealth, our analyses enable us to recommend the funding methods and saving strategies that position you to meet your goals for financing your children’s or grandchildren’s education. We create projections, help you implement your plan, and monitor its progress on an ongoing basis.


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Financial decisions you make during the divorce process will affect the rest of your life. If you are considering divorce, or already in the process, don’t leave your financial future to chance.

Senior Wealth Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Mark Dickerson, ChFC®, CFP®, CDFA®, can work with you to help give you confidence and peace of mind as you transition to your new life by:

  • Recognizing tax issues and helping you develop solutions
  • Understanding the value of retirement accounts and pensions
  • Helping you distinguish between your personal property and the marital property
  • Outlining the financial aspects of deciding to keep your home or sell it
  • Helping you understand complex financial holdings, and the best way to divide them
  • Ensuring that you understand the long-term impacts of your financial settlement
  • Developing a long-term financial plan

Advantages Include:

  • Receiving financial advice tailored to your specific situation
  • Learning how to avoid common mistakes that could impact your financial well-being for a lifetime
  • Assistance in completing your financial affidavit
  • Gaining the knowledge you need to simplify complex financial information so you can make better-informed decisions
  • Giving you peace of mind and assurance that your settlement is reasonable

To learn more, visit www.ruggiewealthmgt.com today or call Mark at 352.343.2700.

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Insurance Analysis

It is our goal to provide you and your family with a sense of safety and security by evaluating your current insurance strategies (ownership, beneficiaries, and so on), and also by identifying any potential gaps in coverage that unnecessarily increase your exposure to various insurable risks. Through our strategic alliances we are able to offer you a wide array of insurance choices.


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