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Do You Have A “Healthy” Retirement Plan? Improve Your Retirement Peace of Mind With The Ruggie WealthCare Retirement Scorecard!


Take this short financial check-up to effectively predict 10 key components of your financial health in retirement. Identify (score) whether:

  1. You have implemented a sound investment strategy with a trusted advisor. [Mindset 1 Video]
  2. Your independent advisor provides access to all types of investments. [Mindset 2 Video]
  3. You’re confident you will not outlive your money. [Mindset 3 Video]
  4. You have systematically established continual access to your updated net worth. [Mindset 4 Video]
  5. All insurance options have been properly vetted. [Mindset 5 Video]
  6. Your qualified tax advisor coordinates with your entire financial team. [Mindset 6 Video]
  7. Your well-thought-out estate plan is up-to-date, executed and completely understood. [Mindset 7 Video]
  8. Your charitable/philanthropic plan has been executed and implemented. [Mindset 8 Video]
  9. Both spouses and appropriate family members have a complete understanding of your situation. [Mindset 9 Video]
  10. Your life will be simplified and you will enjoy greater peace of mind. [Mindset 10 Video]

Complete your Ruggie WealthCare Retirement Scorecard

Then schedule a FREE, one-on-one consultation with a Ruggie Wealth Advisor in one of our three offices, who will help you understand where you are in the process of preparing for retirement and how to score the best possible financial situation for your retirement years.

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