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Alternative Investments

We provide our clients with a variety of ways to diversify their assets and to potentially earn greater risk-adjusted returns on those investments. We remain actively involved in research on niche and alternative opportunities to help us identify opportunities that may be overlooked by other investors. These may include:

  • Real Estate
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Other Real Assets

Customized Hedge Fund Portfolio Solutions

With our customized hedge fund portfolio services, you can access institutional-quality hedge fund portfolios and invest like the world’s most sophisticated investors.

  • Institutional-Quality Investments
  • Custom Portfolios
  • Transparency and Reporting
  • Institutional Safeguards
  • Investor Support
  • Streamlined Execution
  • 20 Years of Hedge Fund Experience



Alternative investments are intended for Qualified Investors (defined as $5M investment net worth) and Accredited Investors (defined as $1M investment net worth) only. The Destiny Alternative Funds are customized fund solutions that provide access to a diversified portfolio of private alternative investments within a single entity. Alternative Investments such as hedge funds, private equity funds, and funds of funds can result in higher return potential but also higher loss potential. Changes in economic conditions or other circumstances may adversely affect your investments. Before you invest in alternative investments, you should consider your overall financial situation, how much money you have to invest, your need for liquidity, and your tolerance for risk. Alternative investments are speculative and involve a high degree of risk

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