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Tavares, FL 32778
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620 N. Denning Dr.
Winter Park, FL 32789
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Pinellas Plaza, #2520
(2520 Burnsed Blvd.)
The Villages, FL 32163
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  • Welcome to Ruggie Wealth Management

    Our clients – individuals and families, businesses and foundations – come to us to develop, manage, and execute customized wealth strategies for them. They are busy, smart people who know they don’t have the time, desire or specialized expertise to oversee the complex process of managing their wealth now and for the future.

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  • Visit us in our New Winter Park Office.

    Our advisors are available to meet with clients at their convenience in Winter Park or any of our Ruggie Wealth Management locations.

    620 N. Denning St., Winter Park
    (just behind the Winter Park Village)

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  • Ruggie Wealth Introduces Ruggie WealthCare

    Ruggie WealthCare® is an exciting new initiative of nationally-acclaimed Ruggie Wealth Management, more than 20 years in the making. This unique four-step financial-planning process and ongoing action strategy can help provide retirees and those nearing retirement with financial peace of mind throughout their retirement years.

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  • Ruggie Wealth offers UMAs

    Our Unified Managed Accounts set a new standard in helping you to better plan to achieve your financial goals. Our UMA’s provide an enhanced investment management process/integrated money management vehicle, one statement and a single, unified view of your investment strategy performance.

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  • Enhance Your Life

    Our mission is to assist clients who don’t have the time, desire or specialized expertise to oversee the complex process of managing wealth, by providing the processes, team and proactive advice necessary to do so. We want to give you and your family the freedom to enjoy life and to focus your time on other important things.

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  • Advance & Protect

    The World Has Changed. Shouldn’t your investment strategy?

    Ruggie Wealth Management’s Advance & Protect Strategy takes a pro-active rather than reactive approach to investment. Instead of simply buying investments and holding them in the hope they will keep rising in value, we carefully watch the markets and do exhaustive research to try to spot trends early. That allows us to alter the make-up of portfolios when we see conditions begin to change.

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  • Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

    In 2013, Tom Ruggie was chosen to attend the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony in NYC’s Times Square.

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  • RWM Offers Alternative Portfolio

    Over the last decade, investors have experienced extraordinary volatility in traditional stock and bond asset classes. Historically low interest rates and a close correlation between asset classes has led our investment team to integrate alternative investment strategies. Our goals are to:

    • Maximize portfolio income
    • Reduce overall portfolio volatility
    • Reduce risk through greater diversification and low-to-negative correlation
    • Preserve and grow wealth
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